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Sheng-Yen Wu, a Ph.D. graduated from the University of Florida is looking for a position in which the responsibilities are relevant to the nematode-microbe-insect interactions, nematode host-finding behavior, or nematode communication. I have hands-on experiences to explore the idea that a saprophytic fungus Fusarium solani is likely to play an important role involved in a trophic interaction between entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) and their insect hosts in some designed bioassays and molecular technical analysis in laboratory and field studies. Moreover, through the analysis of GC-MS, I found some reported insect-attractive volatile compounds (VOCs) emanated from F. solani were able to recruit EPNs. This is the first idea indicating that F. solani as another source emitting volatile cues that indirectly assist EPNs in locating their preys, especially fungivorous insect.

My specialization is mainly in insect-parasitic nematology but also have the broad experience in soil microbiology, microbial interactions, and food web dynamics. The diversity of my training, work experience, and collaborative partnerships has enabled me to communicate effectively across disciplines.

If you are interested in my specialization, please contact me sywu@ufl.edu. I will attach my curriculum vitae and additional materials to you. Thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.