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2018 Award Winners

Founders' Honoree

Raymond Akhurst, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Australia

Founders' Lecturer

Patricia Stock, University of Arizona, Tucson; "Ray Akhurst: A legacy of groundbreaking contributions in insect pathology and nematology"

Early Career Award

Kelly Bateman, European Union Reference Laboratory for Crustacean Diseases, CEFAS, United Kingdom;"Wild type relative of the most important viral pathogen in global aquaculture"

Mauro Martignoni Student Award Winner

Laurent Consentino, INRA, MICALIS and AgroParisTech; "Laser capture microdissection to study iron homeostasis gene expression in Bacillus cereus during Galleria mellonella midgut infection"

Chris Lomer Award Winner


Paper Presentation Awards

1st price: Maximiano C. Cassal, Kyushu University, Japan
2nd price: Thomas Whelan, University of British Colombia, Canada
3rd price: Marion Schoof, Lincoln University, New Zealand
Honorable mention: Pauline Deschodt, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Honorable mention: Aude Lucasson, University de Montpellier, France

Poster Awards

1st price:  Boyd Tarlinton, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
2nd price:  Stephen Sharpe, Western Sydney University, Australia
3rd price: Cindy Nayibe Mejía Maldonado, Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria - AGROSAVIA, Colombia
Honorable mention: Daniel Cook, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Honorable mention: Thomas Gillard, The University of Sydney, Australia

Division Travel Awards

Bacteria Division

  • Marion Schoof
  • Daniel Pinos

Dieseases of Beneficial Invertebrates Division

  • None

Fungi Division

  • Kari Zurowski
  • Victoria Woolley

Microbial Control Division

  • Pauline Deschodt
  • Matias S. Abalo

Microsporidia Division

  • Thomas A Whelan

Nematode Division

  • None

Virus Division

  • Bob Boogaard
  • Carina Bannach
  • Hiroyuki Hikida
  • Jiangbin Fan