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Helen Hesketh

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Kelly Bateman

Elke Genersch

Kate Aronstein

Kate Aronstein






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Student Representative:

Georgia Ward

Dominic Wiredu-Boayake
Henriette Knispel

Gillian Hertlein

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Student Awards


Julia Ebeling

Irene Meki


Louise-Marie Roux is a Masters student at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada and will present in the contributed papers session.“Impact of water temperature on immune-related gene expression in American lobster experimentally infected with White Spot Syndrome Virus”

Melanie Buote is a PhD student at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada and will present in the contributed papers session. “Decreased hemolymph refractive index (HRI) and glycogen reserve inclusion (RI) scores in Atlantic Canadian Snow crabs, Chionoecetes opilio, with Bitter Crab Disease (BCD), with tentative identification of BCD-associated phospholipids identified by untargeted metabolomic analysis of pooled hemolymph samples”


Bas Verbruggen, PhD student at Exeter University in the UK presented a paper titled: “White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) infection: understanding pathways of infection and opportunities for treatment from the perspective of a resistant species”

Henriette Knispel, PhD student at the Institute for Bee Research, Hohen Neuendorf in Germany presented a poster titled: “Chitin-degrading Protein PlCBP49 - a key virulence factor of Paenibacillus larvae”


Ms. Lauren Hall (University of South Hampton, UK)– “Assessment of immunocompetence in the shore crab, Carcinus maenas, to natural exposure of pathogens“

Ms. Birte Arlt (Techniche Universität Berlin, Institute of Biotechnology, Germany)–  “Identification and characterization of immune inhibitor A metalloprotease of the honey bee pathogen Paenibacillus larvae


Gillian Hertlein, Institute for Bee Research, Germany. "Different strategies of Paenibacillus larvae to evade the immune response of honey bee larvae"


Eva Garcia-Gonzalez (CBP, a new member of CBM33 family, is an important virulence factor of Paenibacillus larvae, the causative agent of AFB)


Kelly Bateman (Susceptibility to viral infection and pathogenicity of White Spot Disease (WSD) in non-model crustacean host taxa from temperate regions)




2013 - Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Symposium: Pathogens to control populations of invasive aquatic invertebrates
Organizers: Grant Stentiford and Stefan Jaronski.


Cross-divisional Symposium (Virus and DBI Divisions): Invertebrate Innate Immunity
Organizers: Lorena Passarelli and Elke Genersch

2012 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Symposium: Bee health in Latin America
Organizers: Elke Genersch and Adriana Alippi

  • Colony collapse occurrence in Africanized honey bees in Brazil. Presented by Dejair Message, Brasil
  • Status of pathogens and other potential enemies of native bumblebees in Argentina. Presented by Matías D. Maggi, Argentina
  • Epidemiology of Tetracycline resistant strains of Paenibacillus larvae, the cause of American Foulbrood, in the Americas. Presented by Adriana M. Alippi , Argentina
  • Molecular pathogenesis of American Foulbrood, a globally occurring epizootic of honey bees. Presented by Elke Genersch, Germany

Cross Divisional Symposium (Diseases of Beneficial Invertebrates and Microsporidia Divisions): New insights into host-pathogen interaction in the Microsporidia
Organizers: Dörte Goertz and Grant Stentiford

  • Genomic insights into the interactions of the microsporidian parasites Nosema and their honey bee hosts. Presented by Yan Ping (Judy) Chen, USA
  • Investigating the secretome of diverse microsporidia. Presented by Bryony Williams, UK

Workshop: OIE-notifiable aquatic invertebrate: a Latin American perspective
Organizer: Grant Stentiford

  • Listed diseases and the global trading of aquatic crustaceans. Presented by: Grant Stentiford, UK
  • Presence of OIE –Notifiable viral pathogens in crustaceans from Argentina. Presented by: Sergio Martorelli, Argentina
  • First survey of notifiable viral diseases of crustaceans in wild red shrimp Pleoticus muelleri in the San Jorge Gulf, Argentina. Carlos Zenobi, Argentina
  • IHHN disease of shrimp: history of the disease and strain divergence of its viral agent. Presented by D.V. Lightner, USA
2011 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

OECD Co-operative Research: Programme Funded Symposium: Disease in Aquatic Crustaceans: Problems and Solutions for Global Food Security
Organizer & Chair: Grant Stentiford

Plenary Symposium

  • Crustacean diseases – A Canadian perspective Rick Cawthorn. Department of Pathology and Microbiology, AVCLSC, Canada
  • Crustacean diseases – A US perspective Jeff Shields. Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, USA
  • Crustacean diseases – A European perspective Grant Stentiford. European Union Reference Laboratory for Crustacean Diseases, Cefas, UK
  • Crustacean Diseases – An Australian perspective Brian Jones. Aquaculture Department of Fisheries of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Cross Divisional Symposium: Viruses of Aquatic Invertebrates
Organizers: Karyn Johnson and Grant Stentiford

  • Infectious myonecrosis: review of a new virus disease that emerged in the Americas, was introduced into SE Asia and quickly became OIE listed. Donald Lightner, Bonnie T. Poulos, Carlos R. Pantoja, Rita M. Redman. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • Evolutionary epidemiology of viral pathogens in shrimp aquaculture Jeff Lotz, The University of Southern Mississippi, USA
  • Wispovirus genetic variation and evolution in shrimp Just M. Vlak, Dieu T.M Bui, Mark P. Zwart, Mart C.M. de Jong. Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Evidence for autonomous genetic modification in shrimp and its implications for viral disease diagnosis and control. V. Saksmerprome, S. Jitrakorn, K. Chayaburakul, T. W. Flegel. Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Diseases of Beneficial Invertebrates Division Business Meeting
Organizer: Grant Stentiford

2010 - Trabzon, Turkey

DBI Symposium: Pathogens of Pollinators: A Molecular Perspective
Organizer: Elke Genersch

  • Transcriptome analysis of honey bee (Apis mellifera) larvae infected with chalkbrood fungus. Presented by: Katherine Aronstein, USA
  • Nosema ceranae and Nosema apis – Comparative virulence. Presented by: Ingemar Fries, Sweden
  • European foulbrood in the molecular era. Presented by: Eva Forsgren, Sweden

Cross Divisional Symposium (Virus and DBI Divisions): Viruses and Diseases of Beneficial Invertebrates
Viruses of Pollinators
Organizers: Nancy Ostiguy and Ivan Meeus

  • Multiplex detection of viruses in bumblebees. Presented by Ivan Meeus, Belgium
  • Dicistroviruses in Honey Bees: An overview and future research direction. Presented by: Joachim de Miranda, Sweden
  • DWV – An interesting bee virus. Presented by Elke Genersch, Germany
  • Recent advances in CBPV (Chronic bee paralysis virus) study. Presented by: Magali Ribière, France

Workshop: Histopathology of beneficial invertebrates
Organizer: Grant Stentiford

  • Histopathology of crustaceans: a frontline tool in pathogen discovery and diagnosis. Presented by: Grant Stentiford, UK
  • Histopathology of bivalve molluscs. Presented by: Matt Longshaw, UK
  • Histopathology of bees: A neglected discipline. Presented by: Elke Genersch, Germany
  • A dyeing art: Histopathology for the assessment of health and disease in terrestrial insect populations. Presented by: Gemma Baron, UK
2009 - Park City, USA
The first Business Meeting of the new Division (DBI) was held on Wednesday 19th August, 2009 during the Society of Invertebrate Pathology meeting in Park City, Utah. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Grant Stentiford of the European Community Reference Laboratory for Crustacean Diseases.